[!WARNING] NOTE Using eclipse is not supported by the smoothie developers, you are on your own if you decide to use it.

I first want to thank David Cabanis for the e-mail that he sent me a few months ago. It forms the core of this page. David, You Rock!

Install Eclipse with C/C++ and GNU Support

To get started, you need to install Eclipse. To this you will add support for the GNU tool chain used by the Smoothie project. At the time this page was written, Eclipse 4.4 (Luna), was the current release. This guide also applies to later versions - 4.5 (Mars) and 4.6 (Neon).

Create Eclipse Project for Smoothie

You now have a new created project named like the project directory in the left pane, Project Explorer. Let’s now create a build configuration that can build Smoothie sources under Eclipse uses the existing makefile.

If the Indexer does not find the Types of the mbed system (e.g. SDCard, USB, DFU, SDFAT, … in main.cpp), try this: [This seems to be not necessary any more, I keep it here for testing]

Clean and Build the Project