Getting Smoothieboard

Smoothieboard is now for sale from the US (by Chris Cecil, Smoothie project contributor) and Europe (by Arthur, Smoothie/Smoothieboard dev).

North America

Europe and rest of the world


Worldwide shortages

As you might have heard in the news, there are worldwide shortages of a lot of chips.

This has had a massive impact on our ability to produce Smoothieboard v1, and to make progress on Smoothieboard v2.

We currently have managed to produce boards, and there should be stock for the foreseeable future, but this is a constant fight to stay in stock, and you can expect at some point, we’ll have shortages again like we had at the beginning of 2021.

The chips are also much more expensive than normal. We were able to get some at higher-than-normal-but-not-crazy prices some weeks back (this severely reduces our margins, but for the time being we have decided not to change our prices and to keep all of the effort/cost on our side of the equation rather than on users’ side), but at the time of this writing (May 2021), the only chips available have 1000%+ price markups: If we end up having to produce boards with those new chip prices, we won’t be able to keep the prices the same anymore.

Hopefully, all of this calms down and fixes itself as 2021 progresses. We’ll keep you informed.

List of historical resellers

These companies have sold Smoothieboard in the past.

At the current time, they likely do not have stock, but some might have a few boards occasionally, or Smoothie-related products such as adapters for GLCDs etc.

If your company currently has stock, but is listed as not having it, please email us so we can correct this page.

If you want to become a reseller, please email us.

[!WARNING] Out of stock?

You find all shops are out of stock? There’s a lot of demand and it’s not easy being always in stock. We might actually still have boards for you, or be close to refilling. To be sure you don’t miss something, email us:

Broken boards

If you feel like a hacker extraordinaire, or can live with a bit of loss of functionality, you can also get partially broken boards here at a very serious discount.



Smoothieboard is OpenHardware, made collaboratively by a community of volunteer contributors.

You are free to use it, make it, sell it, modify it (as long as you release the changes under the same license).

If you want to make it yourself and use the Smoothie* namespace, you want to take a look here.