Smoothie IRC Channel

IRC, or “Internet Relay Chat”, is a nice way to chat directly with other community members, and get answers faster than using forums or mailing lists.

Before you use Smoothie’s IRC channel, please read the following advice:

[!SUCCESS] General advice when asking for help

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[!SUCCESS] IRC-specific recommendations


Smoothie’s room is on the Libera IRC server, the channel is: #smoothieware (moved there from its historical home at Freenode after trouble)

If you don’t have an IRC client, you can use the web-based one here

Please note you can also get help on more general 3D printing topics in the #reprap channel, on the same server.

For Smoothie development discussion, you can also join the #smoothiedev channel.

Web Client

If you do not wish to install a desktop IRC client, you can alternatively use a web-based IRC client.

There are several you can find online, what is important is that you connect to the server, with the port 6697, and enter the channel #smoothieware

Here is a direct link that should allow you to enter this configuration using the KiwiIRC web-based client, right from your browser or Libera’s own WebChat.